Marriage shade

Are women the shadiest partners when it comes to marriage? I was speaking with a co-worker and he mentioned that his wife got upset with him when she fell asleep during a show they were watching on NetFlix and instead of continuing with the series, he changed the channel. She then woke up and cursed him out about changing the channel because she was watching TV first. Just so happen that I had a similar situation with my own husband the night before that my husband was upset over and my co-worker seems to believe that there are underlying issues with women and little things trigger a more intense reaction because women aren't addressing the real reason why their upset.

When he made the statement I immediately rejected the idea but as I thought about it a bit more he may actually be on to something. I honestly don't know any Stepford Wives and after being in a relationship with the same individual for years, are women the spouse most likely to initiate arguments and create tension to validate their own idea of discontention? I do understand that every scenario and marriage is different but as women, do we slowly begin to find things that irritate us and then over analyze without really discussing what truly bothers us? I think this same topic is linked to a post that I drafted earlier about how women tend to drift out of relationships with their BFF. I have read countless times how women never really have closure when ending a friendship and for the most part, when it's two women they don't discuss their issues with each other. Instead we just opted for "we just drifted apart" and never really know the trigger as to WHEN it starts but we are all to familiar with the end. The only difference with your relationship with your spouse versus your relationship with your friends, is that you're more confortable arguing with your spouse and tend not to cross that line with a friend but basically it's the same discontention that triggers both siutations.

With that said is it a sign that you're unhappy with your spouse when you start noticing little things that set you over the edge? This potential makes you unhappy as a person which causes indifference in your spouse or friend and the negative energy sparks a negative response.    

I think that I may be guilty of this from time to time. Let me know what you think? 

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