New Tunes

Happy hump day ladies! Well I do have a day job and listening to music at my desk gets me through the time and makes the day pass quicker. My App of choice is RDIO.Com and Jhene Aiko's new CD Souled Out has been in heavy rotation. I like her new stuff but I also liked the EP that she released last year but my eldest daughter and I noticed one thing... all the music seems to sound similar. Is that the shade? (side eye) LOL
I don't think it's shady... but all of her music sounds the same. Doesn't mean that I don't like the new songs... just means that it's all the same sound but I appreciate the sound non-the-less. 

Okay so I swear that I really Love Jhene Aiko's new CD Souled Out and it's really earthy but all the elements of today... it's rainy and dreary (I sit at a window), I'm drinking hot Zen Green Tea, and it's super quiet. All of these things and her CD had me damn near in tears at my desk for no damn reason!!!! I had to turn it off.

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