cell phone run through

Have you ever ran through your spouses cell phone?

I know I have but I wouldn't say that it's due to lack of trust but more so to appease my own curiosity? I just want to know what type of conversations take place via text message. I even do a run through of text sent to my husbands siblings and friends but it's just to see where his head is and the conversations that happen. I leave my phone unlocked for him to look through as well. I don't have a problem with it but it seems that people aren't really that comfortable with allowing others to look through their phone. Even when browsing through pictures taken. Why is that we don't like people to see our phone? Is it that our phones content is a real glimpse into our true selves and that must remain a mystery?

My daughter even feels uncomfortable when I grab her phone to browse through it and I as parent feel like I'm intruding but hey... I pay for that bill so I have every right to look whenever I damn well please but I do try to give her privacy. It's a very funny feeling but oh well.. My house my rules!

Ohhhh the feeling of looking into someone else phone. What are your thoughts?

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