can we please move past the over exposure of the socialite era?

So I don't know about you all but I'm so sick of reality shows and pseudo celebrities. I'm tired of the fake unreal lifestyles that they teach our children. This includes the growing trend of Instagram models and celebrity by association. What does this teach our children? Teens are the most impressionable group following increasing trend of the famous for no reason crowd.  The over exposure of these people teaches kids that superficial things out weigh hard work and dedication to a real craft.

Some adults buy into this stuff too. Sorry but there is no hope for the adults who love and idolize this nonsense. Unfortunately most adults have already formed their habits and  they see nothing wrong with how these people live.

So these pseudo celebrities get rich for nothing mean while lacking basic common sense. Point proven here... Who the hell forgets their baby??? OHHHHH well never mind you can see for yourself.

Kim K. forgot her baby in the hotel and went back for her tot accessory.

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