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New segment for the new year! News today will be what's in the news and our perception on it.
New news today is Tiffany Haddish being on Wendy today Thursday 1/9. Tiffany was a good guest but Wendy thought she could depend on their budding friendship to ask Tiffany on camera about who bit Beyonce and Tiffany immediately shifted energy. You could physically see the shift and you also saw witnessed Tiffany's growth as a celebrity and knowing that hierarchy chart. Wendy is good at putting people on the spot by using that camera and mic to apply pressure but Tiffany replied perfectly! At first she replied with "why are we even still talking about this" and Wendy's reply was "well you have never been on the show to address it" and also through Tiffany in the equation as a potential suspect which I never heard but I took it as a way for Wendy to try to get Tiffany to deny it was her and to point the finger but she caught that curve ball. Tiffany's reply was no it wasn't me because I would never have my mouth that close to another female and said you know exactly who it was. Which in terms suggested that people follow the accusations from way back then as it being Sanaa Lathan. However Sanaa denied it but also threw in that if she had bit Beyonce that it would have been a love bite so it's sort of safe to say she did it but was trying to be "cutesy" and it backfired. Back to Tiffany though on Wendy. It's a 2 year old question and the fact that Wendy addressed it in 2020 was Wendy's way of trying to determine a pecking order as her way in with gossip and Tiffany shut that down and I was here for it! Great TV to witness that odd moment because you could clearly see the tension. There really isn't any loyalty in that celebrity world but Beyonce is as A-list as it gets and Tiffany understood that a squashed the rehash completely! On a side note Wendy looked good on the show today in her all black and so did Tiffany. That ponytail was snatched!!!

Next in today's new is Meghan and Harry throwing up the deuces to the royals and their titles which I think is a total BOSS move! Clearly they wanted them to get down or lay down and they were like NOPE! Really there has to be something to accusations of those family rift rumors. I believe if it were just the media harassing them then they would be able to get through all of that with the support of their family. However I think the support wasn't there and I do believe that there was a bit of jealousy from Princess Kate. Really tie all the latest news together in a timeline and you can see it.
Harry and Meghan decided to skip the tradition of joining the royal family for the holidays. Why??? The holidays are traditionally closed off to immediate family and they chose to opt out. Most people do that to avoid seeing certain family members. Then you have the press release from the queen with her subliminal picture placement showing her "beloved" family members. Clearly Harry and Meghan weren't in those pictures. Then you have that publicized shoulder shrug from Kate when William went to touch her shoulder during a taped royal Christmas engagement. I know they tried to spin it in the media as her sticking to protocol in regards to displays of affection in public but I don't believe that. William just tried to put his hand on her shoulder as anyone would with someone their close with or chatting with and she set him straight with the small gesture. Being a wife sometimes you use little things to subliminally say "not so fast buddy" as a reminder of a disagreement still being on-going. Either way there was all kinds of family drama between all of them and Harry and Meghan and I'm sure she her only resort was to distance herself and to let them know that she has option. Checkmate!

If she heard she's a gold digger only out for his royal money. Guess what... they're like we'll make our own. Or any of the other crazy accusations they've been throwing their way they've clearly weighed their options and know that their celebrity is already established. They can go on and make money independently of that split $5 million dollar annual salary Harry gets as a Royal. Speaking engagements will surely surpass that alone. Also if Meghan decided to return to acting I'm sure the demand would be overwhelming because her involvement would be sure to bring in box office dollars.  She could command millions if she returned to acting as I'm sure she would be one of the highest paid actresses based on all this scandal alone. She could start a fashion line and it would constantly fly off the shelves too. Their brand potential is unlimited and they are both still youthful enough to push many ventures so it's definitely safe to say they'll be better off financially without the salary tied to their royal duties.  Most likely they'll be much happier as well with their independence. Now only time will tell if Harry takes well to these new changes in lifestyle. He will forever be a royal and it's really been all that he's known. They deserve and need the security detail because they are still known globally as public figures. However even if the cost of security isn't covered by the royals I believe they'll be able to cover those cost. Best of luck to them and I'm astounded by the strength and deliberate defiance to break protocol. I'm sure that middle finger had to sting. Also it's great to see all the people who said "if you aren't happy then leave" now flipping because they actually agreed.

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