Best Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

smoothiesPrepping for work is not an easy feat. Especially coming off of a holiday break when we're home more, it's dark when we awake and it's cold. Breakfast is usually a nice to have or it's easier to grab something quick on the go. That quick on the go bite is the problem though for a lot of us. Breakfast sets the tone for our day and it's best to have something on your stomach within an hour of waking. Also studies show that eating breakfast that has protein and fiber keeps your appetite in check throughout the day which eliminates munching on throughout the day. What better way to ensure you're on the right path than to prepare? Below are a few fiber rich breakfast smoothie a that will benefit that diet and get your day started off on the right track. My favorite smoothie that I prepare for my family that we all love is the Fruit Punch! Fruit Punch is packed with vitamins! You'll definitely hit your daily does of vitamins with this one.  

- Vitamin A (206%)      - Vitamin K (650%)      -Vitamin C (140%)     
- Calcium (9%)            - Vitamin B6 (35%)      - Potassium (9%)          
- Copper (10%)           - Potassium (24%)        - Magnesium (15%)      
- Iron (4%)                 - @10 grams of dietary fiber 

mason jar smoothie You'll need a juicer, glass mason jars (with lids) and a blender. I first juice a small bushel of kale, 2 large carrots (cut in half), 3 apples, half of small lime, 4 stalks of celery.  Then I pour the content of all those juice into a blender with a banana, frozen mixed berries and a  scoop of organic vegan protein powder. It comes out great and the best part is it's not gritty from the protein powder and my kids love it!  You're getting all your veggies raw which are the best form for optimal nutrients. In addition you're getting fiber and protein all in your breakfast. You can store the excess in your mason jars with lids or if you're prepping for more than just you then you now have breakfast for multiple people and it's filling and nutritious.    

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