Life on Purpose!

This morning while scrolling through my feed, I stumbled on a question of how do you find your life purpose? As I scrolled through the comments I saw a pattern that repeated the question saying “I would love to find out that answer”. Then it continued with more questions than answers. That got me to thinking and it pains me to say this but more times than not, most of us are living life coasting on autopilot. I know I’m definitely guilty of auto-pilot living. I believe that’s how I lost my wedding rings! Not fully being aware of my actions and just coasting. I think I went to the bathroom and took them off, added hand cream and got side tracked forgetting them somewhere. I know… sounds insane but it happens. There was a study conducted a few years ago and 96% of those surveyed exhibited signs of living life on auto-pilot.
How can you tell if you’re on auto-pilot and how it impacts our ability to live in our purpose? There are a few tale-tell signs that you’re coasting.
  1. You hate what you’re currently doing professionally and live for the weekend! This is definitely A LOT of people. You perform your daily task routinely so it requires little effort or brain power to perform your duties. You already know how your day is going to work out. However you find yourself fully invested on planning what you’ll be doing starting 5pm on Friday through Saturday night.
  2. You automatically check you feed and cellphone. Despite not looking for anything in particular, it’s a habit to surf your phone and scroll social media or email. That’s autopilot! It’s filling your day with emptiness and that time could be spent doing something more meaningful.
  3. Checking out mentally! Do you find yourself daydreaming? Or replaying a scenario from the recent past in your mind re-evaluating how you responded or how someone else responded? Thinking about would’ve/ could’ve type scenarios??? Auto-pilot darling!!! You aren’t mentally thinking of what you’re presently doing. Don’t daydream about your potential. Live all those hypothetical moments out loud and savor them. Deep down you feel your potential to do MORE then and you’re robbing yourself. Do it!
  4. You have poor memory? Can’t remember conversations or discussions and feel like you’re in a fog searching but your recollection is foggy? Another sign that you were cruising on auto-pilot during that time.
So how exactly do we live a life of purpose? Your live is an ever evolving entity. Purpose changes as your life evolves so that answer is really unique to you currently. However there is one thing that remains constant within that evolution and that’s no matter what you should leave each encounter and the earth better off than how you found it. Small incremental steps make a huge difference long term. At the same time make sure you’re giving back to people you encounter and the universe. Smile and be pleasant! Start a small book club or social club where people can just vent, chat and interact with like minded people. Start a small garden and grow your own produce. In exchange give some of that produce out when your harvest is greater than you can consume. You can definitely control how you interact with others and you never know how your little act of kindness helps someone in their process.
All of this is no secret. You already enjoy giving back in some capacity. Ever look forward to giving someone their gift that you got them? It’s the reward of feeling gratitude that you brightened someone’s day with your gesture that you look forward to. It’s rewarding to put a smile on another’s face. It makes you happy to see others happy and as you grow with those gestures you’ll do it more. You can even join a larger group that have substantial impact potential that will definitely be rewarding to you as a participant. So in short the answer to finding your purpose is to find what makes you happy and do them. Then bring yourself to do those actions with others and try giving back to those around you anyway that you can. Even if it’s with polite conversation. You’ll definitely feel satisfied in life and that’s all that matters. Your act of kindness will impact someone else and they’ll do the same. It’s definitely a chain of events. Allow yourself time to process all of those actions entirely and move slower so that you’re fully in the moment. Now go out there and be great and grateful!

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