Beyonce's Adidas Ivy Park Collaboration

It appeared that the promotional box that Beyonce sent to EV-ERY-ONE worked because the entire line is sold out online currently. However I did not realize it was unisex until I saw some men in the line and it works! I'm not sure I would like my husband and I to be fighting over the same jumpsuit but if it works for some then OK.  One thing I didn't see on the Adidas website though were the Ivy Park sock booties and the parachute jacket. I like the price point of this line as well. It's not overpriced and definitely reasonable. All of the pieces are priced at the same price point as normal Adidas attire or similar sportswear brands. Although it was sold at a few Sports stores such as Finish Line, Foot Locker and Nordstrom, it seems to be absolutely sold out everywhere which is great for Beyonce. It's definitely sold out on the Adidas website so you'll need to join the waiting list to get your items if you're looking for them.

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