Build Your Brand 2020

One thing that celebrities understand more than most is that you are your biggest asset in regards to your brand. YOU sell you and what you're pushing. Whether that's your expertise as an employee or actual tangible goods, you create and dictate the narrative. Do you honestly believe that those celebrities you follow on social media are always happy, overly joyous and continuously live exaggeratedly beautiful lives??? If you do then they've accomplished selling you their brand. The illusion that you too can get a piece of what makes them SO happy by purchasing that "it item" they're pushing or if you go to the same places they've visited. It's all an illusion and the gift of social media. It's what made Kylie a billionaire without a single advertisement! So how can you build your brand in 2020?
  • Use social bookmarking sites to push your social media site and brand pages. Social bookmarking sites use tags or keywords to get your site or topics picked up by Google faster. The list of bookmarking sites are:
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Mix (formally Stumble Upon)
    • Digg
    • Reddit
    • Slashdot
    • Dribble (for designers)
    • Pocket
    • Weheartit
  • Engage and interact regularly. Respond to post on your links and reply to interact with those who follow you. It allows your audience to feel apart of your community and personalizes the experience to promote repeat visits and follows. Users are also more prone to recommend you and your brand if you engage them.
  • Ask your audience to share. Share their thoughts on their platform about you and your brand. It promotes a homegrown trustworthy community for your brand and comes across more authentic and natural.
  • Conduct live events and Q&A's about your brand and your expertise. Personalize the experience of your community with direct contact with it's creator.
  • Create tags and slogans. Especially when using Twitter and Instagram. It allows users to follow your tag for more exposure. Decide how you want to be seen or what you want in a brand and stick to it! Be consistent and promote content that supports the narrative you're curating and design all your tags/slogans around that narrative.

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