2020 Job Trends

If part of your new year resolution is to get a new job then you may be at a crossroads wondering which job is best for you. Figuring out which direction to invest your interest can be difficult and if you're like most more money is generally at the forefront of your decision making. It's fine to start your job search using money as a gauge in deciding the best fit for you and your time. You're working for a salary and demanding the most money for your time while gaining self satisfaction for your work should be high on your list of priorities within any new job search. Another topic of concern can be deciding which careers/markets are expected to see growth so that you know there's security in this new chosen profession. The job market experiences rapidly changes as of late and we're constantly witnessing jobs phasing out and growth in sectors that most aren't even aware of without doing a bit of research.
Employment based sites like Indeed.com compile their data and create trends based on average salaries and potential growth in the market which allows job seekers to better understand the job market. If you're like most you aren't aware of all the new potential changes in the job market and careers such as machine learning engineers weren't even on your radar but it should be. With an average salary of $146K annually and growth of 344% between 2015-2018 a machine learning engineer is looking quite tempting when comparing for a switch. Especially if you're already employed within the I.T. industry. It's safe to say that this is the wave of the future and if you're interested in expanding your knowledge base and raising your bottom line then its worth looking into what it takes to transition into that job. Data scientist and machine learning engineers work together to stockpile organizational data and then design systematic approaches to assist in optimizing the business. For analytical technology workers these jobs expand upon your current responsibilities involving processes and data analysis. On the contrary if data scientist seems more your speed then they have a average median salary of $131K annually with a 78% growth rate. Either way the technology market is stacked on the list with potential new endeavors.
On the chart below you'll find further information that can assist you in determining the correct path for you. Happy New Year and I wish you a prosperous 2020 on the job front.

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