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OMG I stumbled upon "This Is Where I Leave You" and I absolutely LOVED it! If this movie is loosely based on someones life (because I couldn't imagine that a family would really be that screwed up) it's a complete mess but it's the best thing that I've seen in a while.

"This Is Where I Leave You" and "For A Good Time Call" just happen to be playing in the background while doing something else and I got sucked in. They are awesome movies that make you smile, laugh and reflect on your own fucked family or friendships which is exactly what a movie is suppose to do for you.

This Is Where I Leave You gives you chuckles throughout and then there's this scene. When I first saw it I was like DAMNNNN Jane Fonda's breast job is crazy great but come to find out those weren't her real breast. Nor were they a breast job. They actually were molded to her body using silicone for the movie scene. Wish my boobs looked that damn good! Anyway... there's a lot of gems in this movie and I'm sure if you watch it, you'll enjoy it. Let me know what you think? Sort of makes me regret being an only child. For those who are from large families... were your siblings and experiences anywhere near theirs? I always envied big families. I guess that's why I married into one but their all grown and no where near this exciting.

If you've never seen "For A Good Time Call" this movie is definitely a chick flick but it's super funny. Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself. If someone slashed pee in my face we're definitely fighting! LOL My friendships are nothing like this though. Guess that's why it's great to watch it on film. My friendships are more like mini battles but we love each other. The hate with me and my group of friends is real. The same with most of you. Women get CATTY in their friendships and we all know this but there's nothing like the bond between girlfriends right? LOL

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