Find Your Happy Place!

With me always being online I happen to stumble upon a site which I felt "spoke to me" and I was almost immediately drawn in by great marketing and contemplated forking over $2000.00 dollars but sensibility kicked in and I did a bit of research. What will this new marketing ploy get me for my $2K? So after reading rave reviews I found a site that told the truth about this great marketing technique. Basically the course taught the same things you're able to read online or in a self help book but after you're done they offer you the opportunity to gain your money back and make revenue promoting the plan and the course. Can someone say GENIUS!!! To think I was sucked in by the pretty, well laid out website and the testimonies of countless women who said that the course changed their lives and their business. But I see why they were all so eager to promote the site and the courses because after completion, you have another product to add to your own product collection and to top it off you have a list of other women who lend their testimonies so it has beneficial right?

I say all that to say that you know directly off hand what's good for you. You don't ever need validation or the testimony of others to gauge what's best for you and your situation. I have a friend who has paid a few life coaches and her life is exactly the same as it was before the first coach. No one can give you a map or blueprint to achieve success. You have to find your personal success one step at a time but the one piece of advice that is always true no matter what age you are or what you're trying to do is you need to take action and make moves in the direction you want to accomplish. If you want to change your job, teach yourself a new trade or take a class in that market. If you want a new love and your current strategy isn't working (like staying in the house), that new person isn't going to find you on your couch. No one is going to knock on your door and tell you what you're missing. You have to take the steps to discover 'IT'. I always use this analogy on my kids who from time to time think that life is going to come find them in their rooms online... babies aren't born knowing how to walk. It's a process which involves effort. They start out on their tummy then they start to crawl which leads to standing and that leads to the first few steps. Also after they take the first few steps they fall down a bit but they naturally get back up. They don't doubt themselves and you shouldn't either. Don't let a few stumbling blocks knock you out of the game completely.

Another thing I was reminded of is that people are truly beautiful. Their individual journeys are beautiful and unique. One thing I like to do is listen to Ted Talks while I work. I don't always get a lot from them and there are some that are completely useless but for the most part, you pick up on little nuggets here and there. I found one that sort of spoke to me about how I've been feeling stuck lately. I hate routines and monotony and I tried to always progress so that I grow and learn but when you throw in a few kids who need you to be stable, a spouse and the whole family thing it's hard to think about your needs because you become afraid of failure. Partly because those stumbling blocks now also impact your kids and family and you're suppose to be their stability because they're growing and evolving and look to you to be their solid foundation. But although your circumstances change you should never stop learning new things and enriching yourself because in the end, you're living your life for you. You need to be happy and you owe it to those who love you to find what makes you happy. In turn, your happiness will be a beacon of hope for those who love you that they too can achieve their dreams and so is the cycle of the true essence.

I hope you like these videos posted throughout and hopefully you get a few nuggets of wisdom from them too. Be great be bold and share your happiness along the way.

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