Everyday food that can make you sick

It's Thursday folks and I'm tired. Probably because last week was a short work week and I'm feeling it today but honestly I've been feeling tired since Tuesday. Those four days off last week through my sleeping schedule off and I haven't recuperated yet. Sort of the way you feel when you've been out partying and then try to go to work directly afterwards with little sleep. I've done that before but couldn't imagine doing something like that now. Probably because I have kids and even when I'm home on my 'off' hours I'm really never off. You have to make time for yourself folks when you have kids but that's an entirely different post.

You guys know I like bringing you great recipes and yesterday I planned on making a vegan soup because I'm trying to cut back on meat these days. I purchased all the ingredient to make a sweet potato cauliflower soup (recipe and post coming soon because I haven't made it yet) and looked at my potato rack and I had potatoes growing sprouts. Now I was always told growing up not to eat those potato with sprouts but no one ever told me why. It's like when an onion grows sprouts, you're told they're no longer any good but do you know why? Well it's due to potatoes becoming poisonous within their sprouts when present. The sprouts contain glycoalkaloid also known as solanine which impacts the nervous system. Leaves of tomatoes also contain the same type of poisoning and if consumed can be deadly.

There are actually a few fruits and vegetables that we consume regularly that can be deadly. You're probably familiar with the rule to never eat apple seeds or cherry pits but were you aware of the reason why they bad for you? Seems like anything with a pit contains some sort of poison but pits are to hard to consume anyway but may be accidentally swallowed if the pits are small like with cherries. Bitter almonds are also one of those nuts that are not appropriate for eating due to it's levels of cyanide. 

Just thought I share that with you guys being that it was on my mind recently. I'll get back to you on the verdict of the soup and if it's good or not. If it turns out good, then I'll post the recipe. 

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