Jill Scott on Power 105

Driving into the office today and my girl Jill Scott was on the radio and I vibes with Jilly from Philly so I was all eager to hear what my girl had to say. I recently noticed that she's been touring lately and my husband asked if she had new music out because she's been touring and I wasn't aware that she put out a new CD. Now I have to listen to Jill's new work Woman and review it here with you and I'll get right on that one but while listening to her interview she definitely hit on some great points that I agree with but some other topics made me scratch my head a bit. But that's the beauty of being individuals, we don't always agree with how other people feel 100% of the time. Still as a woman, some of these topics were questionable and made me feel a certain way about her reasoning, like her views on Bill Cosby. Her view on Bill Cosby wasn't the only view I disagreed with but it was definitely the most controversial topic for me. Now I get growing up in North Philly and looking up to this man admiring the fact that you both come from similar circumstances but when does admiration cross the line into plain naivety?

I do understand not jumping on the bandwagon with what other people say but come on now how many people are going to come up with the same damn lie? She went on to say that if it were your father, you would have to look at it differently and the love doesn't fade and that everyone has proclivities that may not be good in public opinion but okay true everyone does have proclivities that may be good or bad but the difference is as a moral person we use our better judgment and we don't act on all of our desires at the cost of harming other people and if it were my father best believe that I would be his harshest critic because if you're of a certain stature in my life then you should know better. In Bill's situation is was a clear violation of trust and these women looked up to him with admiration (same as Jill) and he used his influence to his perverse advantage and no matter how you spin it, it was wrong and his image should be tarnished because that's how he built his legacy. On a false image.  I believe that one should always use their brain and act responsibly in every scenario. Anyway... we're going to agree to disagree because we're civilized and I still love Jill. She rocks and the interview rocked too.

I included the interview for you to listen to for yourself.  

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