NYC Crazies! Not all but SOME

My daughter and I were having a conversation about her hair stylist who moved to NYC from Texas and hates it and the conversation actually got me wondering if people from the NYC area are really desensitized by their environment? I've had my own crazy ass encounters in NYC but to be honest I didn't really think too much of it because I figured it was normal. But hearing this young mans experiences made me really wonder if it's us who are the abnormal ones? Let me explain.

My daughter's hair stylist is a man about to turn 30 and he stated that he never used the subway in NYC because he always seems to witness something disturbing or experienced it himself. Over the weekend he stated that his mother came from Texas to visit and they took the subway and immediately she witnessed a homeless man and another passenger get into a fist fight on the train and she was disturbed that no one attempted to break it up with the exception of herself. As the two men fought they said no one even acknowledged that there was a problem therefore she intervened tearfully to break up the fight and was so distraught that she left NYC early and vowed that she would never return. He also mentioned that none of his friends from Texas want to come here but they have visited him when he lived in California for a two year stint. In addition to that he himself was previously chased out of the subway by a homeless man who had asked him for money and after he denied the man he was verbally assaulted and chased. All of this was comical to me because I believe that native New Yorker's can sense when you're not from the city and will attempt to use that to their advantage and at times they become hostile until you're aggressive back with them and for the most part it's not exclusive to the homeless population. NYC has it's share of crazy ass regular folks and millionaires as well. All awaiting the zombie apocalypse to turn them into flesh eaters. Some are already walking Zombies minus the flesh eating part.  

I've also had situations in NY but I've chalked those up to they typical nut jobs that you encounter in the city. Once I was exiting a restaurant with a group of friends and this homeless man pointed me out and then immediately whipped out his Johnson and began to masturbate while attempting to tell me his fantasies. A few feet away there happen to be a police van with two officers inside so I approached their van and asked them to intervene and without even cracking their window they told me to go about my business because I was the one creating the sense. I was more offended by their response then the homeless man jerking off a few feet away because of their dismissive attitude as though I was bothering them. Later I found a few women who also had the same experience with said homeless guy while exiting the same restaurant and we had a chuckle but still it was offensive. 

A few years later I had a man trail me in his car as I walked down busy 7th Ave jerking off too and he became upset when I started yelling at him to stop. Let's not forget the fact that there were tons of people also walking because this part of 7th Ave. is really close to Time Square and it was the middle of the day. But again these types of occurrences are actually normal in this area. You really never know what type of crazy you'll experience at any given moment but I just assumed most people encounter crazies but I guess I was wrong with that assumption. I could go on and on with weirdo shit I've seen or experienced in the city but everyone that I know who frequently goes into NY or live in NY have all had their share of crazy experiences but there is no one that I know who has been emotionally scared due to any of them. Does that make us all a bit of crazy?? Maybe! 

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