Game of Thrones Season 7 Premier Chat

Season 7 of the Game of Thrones started out with a huge bang and I loved every minute of it.  My daughter thinks that I'm crazy because I love Arya Stark is my absolute favorite character and is the main reason why I watch the show. She's only suppose to be 17 in season 7 but she's grown to full on bad ass and I love it!
Loyalty to those who are loyal to you is an asset that many don't possess and to see her undying loyalty to her family and her fallen friends is beyond unwavering and that's why I love her. Unlike her sister is just in awe of people in power and super girly. When Jon said to her that she sounds like she's in awe of Cersei Lannister he hit the nail on the head because she's always been hypnotized by the Lannister family and let us not forget that she's actually still married to Tyrion Lannister so technically she is a Lannister which I hope doesn't play into this seasons mess. I don't really want her to die but I don't really like her character at all and I do feel that she's going to somehow be at odds with her family when they all reconnect.
As a special bonus was anyone else shocked when they saw Ed Sheeran on the season 7 premier with my favorite character? I wonder how they're going to lead in with his character during this season. The way he was introduced seemed as though he would just be a plug in character for this scene but I doubt that's going to be the last that we see of him.

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