Jay-Z 4:44 Review

I  LOVE Jay's new album. "what's better than 1 billionaire? 2 Especially when they from the same HUE as YOU!!!"- Family Feud

He's dropping all kinds of jewels on this album and it's definitely the male equivalent to Beyonce's Lemonade. "No body wins when the family Feud's... we all hurting because we never had the tools" is just one line that speaks directly to African American community as he proceeds to outline how we can build our families by building ourselves up financially to promote growth within the culture for ourselves. He even when as far to say he's trying to give you real financial advise for $9.99 while speaking on some of the mistakes he's made in his career by not being more concerned early on about investing. He speaks of supporting black products when he says he drinks Ciroc by Puffy instead of supporting a business by people who don't care to invest in the culture. It's a hard lesson that African American's are now being forced to learn because we've been programmed not to support each other for so long but it's changing for the better.

He also spoke on things in small detail pertaining to the speculated indiscretions within his marriage, the infamous "Becky" and also Kanye. In the song titled Kill Jay Z he's revealing his inner struggles of living up to a persona that is Jay Z and closes the song saying bye to that persona in search of becoming a better version of himself. He mentioned that he was hurt after and felt betrayed after the infamous Kanye rant. He even made a reference to the Future and the ordeal that played out with Ciara that was to close for comfort because of the possibility of him potentially loosing his own family and having to idly sit by watching another man play football with his son as in Ciara with Russell Wilson. Side note: isn't is funny that everyone including other celebrities are just as wrapped up in watching other peoples drama unfold as we are? It's astonishing how so many people had such strong opinions about Ciara allowing her son to bond with her now husband Russell Wilson.

He has a song dedicated to his mother titled Smile in which he referenced his mother's gay union openly for the first time. The acknowledgement that he was just proud that his mother found true love after living her life hidden from society was accompanied by his mom closing the song with her reading a poem related to her life experiences as a lesbian. He speaks on black culture in Family Feud which is my favorite song because the family he's referencing is the culture and it's all FACTS. Take care of family first because that culture is really being attacked daily. We see it on the news damn near hourly about another disrespectful act to someone with black skin. Throughout the album he mentions multiple times how financial freedom is what we must strive to accomplish. He referenced Dumbo Brooklyn and how he was buying frivolous things early on in his career instead of  things that would appreciate in value such as real estate.

You'll also hear throughout the album not so subliminal messages to the culture which plays as the theme to this album and it's one of the reasons why I feel this is one of his best works to date. He's a man speaking about his views on family, the culture, finances and his awakening sense of pride and maturity and it's a beautiful thing witness.

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