Let's Clean House... Smudging

Be careful where you plant roots because places like people have energy and vibrations associated with them. Energy is at the core of everything around  us which includes your space and also your body. However we all radiate at different levels which in turn is labeled our vibration. We tend to absorb the energy levels of those we're around and structural spaces are no different. We are all collectors of energy and vibrate off of those we encounter therefore if you're space has a negative vibration you will be impacted by those negative vibrations as well. Have you ever been in a room and the "Debbie downer" walks in and changes the entire feeling? Or a better scenario would be your work environment. Every work space has a collective vibe and when you're immersed in it your energy is either in sync with it or you're completely out of tune which in turns makes you not really feel welcomed. Now you know it's not you but actually your vibration that's not in sync which either makes you alter your vibration to fit in or you continue on but you're never really comfortable being there.

You can't really control or alter the energy at work because it's a collective experience in which you can only add  but when it comes to places you can control like your home you can cleanse the space of all negative energy and start anew. The same can be said for ourselves.If you want a change in your life you can cleanse your vibration and redirect your path in doing so. Meditation is a good way to cleanse our personal vibration and redirect your energy to a more positive level. It's also beneficial to practice raising your vibration to assist in redistributing that higher vibration to your personal space so that you're at peace when in your home. However I would suggest that you cleanse your personal space with a good smudging.

Smudging literally takes about 30-45 minutes of your time but it really does alter the entire vibe of your home for the better. You can also use that same smudge stick to cleanse your personal aura as well during the same time because again... you're vibrating energy and the smoke from smudging cleanses the energy around us. If you're new to it and interested in trying it doesn't cost much at all. A smudge stick set if 3 is literally about $7 on Amazon which isn't bad. When smudge it's suggested to clear your home first of unnecessary clutter then conduct your smudging making sure that you're allowing smoke to get into the corners of each room and don't forget closets and bathrooms as well. I don't personally have a preference in direction when I'm smudging but some suggest to move counter-clockwise in a circular motion when performing the ritual if you're trying to remove old energy and if you're trying to invoke new life and experiences then it's suggested to move clockwise but I just make sure that the smoke completely fills and touches all corners of the room and then move to the next room repeating the process. You can say a prayer asking for good energy to fill your space with love, good health, prosperity and guidance as well if you prefer as this is something that I definitely do. Also keep in mind to have something to catch the ashes because the ash flakes are rather large when burning your sage sticks.

Once complete you can choose to air out the rooms by opening the windows but make sure to light a white tealight candle to fill your space with white light. I didn't perform this part after my rituals but I've been told that it's helpful by an around the way psychic that use to give me readings and I've read it as well but I felt the prayer worked just as well personally.

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