Power, GOT and Insure CHAT.. come get it!

Sunday night television is my absolute FAVORITE night now that all my shows are on during the same evening. Last nights premier of season 2 of Insecure was GOOD. It was great to catch up on the Issa / Lawrence saga as we've all been through it at one point or another so viewers can relate to it for now. Hopefully they don't play it out the entire season leaving it as another cliff hanger because that would be corny and I would completely loose interest but let me not jump the gun. It's just the girly side of me that wishes to see everything happen all at once pertaining to how their relationship will play out. None-the-less I loved the show and I love her friends. Sooo cute they were and the most relevant part for me was when Molly found out that her male co-worker made more than her. As a woman in corporate America I was all in my feelings about this mess. I've worked with a few men which were not worth the space and were being paid insanely simply because they were in the boys club but really will that ever change? For me it's even more baffling because I've primarily worked in the beauty industry where the consumers are primarily women but surprisingly the higher up you go on the food chain women in power are less and less. It's really a shame because I've witnessed men feel threatened by women in higher positions before and just recently I witness a man go the extra mile to get a woman fired. We as women just need to keep on pressing on with the good fight because eventually the tides will change as more and more women out perform men in industries.

The Game of Thrones episode was a bit slow last night but still overall good towards the end. I'm not going to spoil it too much if you haven't seen it yet but let me just say a dog never changes it's spots. Once a coward always a coward but really what would you have done in that situation? I like how they're lining up Jon to meet with Daenerys but he should've killed Littlefinger because that's going to be a huge problem for him. In my opinion they're going to have Littlefinger get into Sansa's head and being that they hinted at her admiration for Cersai, I think they're going to join forces somehow as Sansa tries to keep the kingdom for herself forcing Jon to align with Daenerys although that's going to occur no matter how they play it out. Just my thoughts though because they're making Sansa a little Cersai clone and I don't think it's accidental. If you read my recaps then you'll know that Arya is my favorite character and I think she may be the one to kill her sister BUT that's a big reach. It will definitely have to be something huge to drive her to kill Sansa but we all know Arya is about that life!!! Love her! However I didn't get the reason they brought back her wolf last night.  That wolf was huge too but it turned it's back on her but didn't eat her so that's a plus. LOL

Last but definitely not least was Power! I'm glad Ghost is finally getting out of jail but I don't like his snake ass lawyer. He's trying to push up on Tasha all while trying to prove that they're somehow corrupt. I also don't understand why Kanan is still even on the damn show! Can we please kill him off already. There are tons of characters who can fill the role of villain on the show Kanan's character has had more lives then a cat. Also I am not feeling Lala's acting skills and I can do without her character. Her tone is always the same. The facial expressions are lacking and she just comes across as a super airhead on the show which is what I believe the character is suppose to be but it's just she lacks range of emotion. Her emotions came across the same way during each scene. When she had her run in with Angela, when she's with Tommy and when she's chatting with her girl it's the same damn tone and expressions and they should all be different. Sensuality and anger should not be conveyed the same way. 
On another note RIP to Charlie Murphy. His last role on Power had me really not liking the character but all I kept thinking was how skinny Charlie was when he came on the screen. He played a believable dirty cop but I always felt bad seeing him knowing that in life he's passed away due to cancer. He was great in his last role and may he rest in peace. 


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