Mens Fashion - Cubavera

The weather is heating up and I'm shopping to celebrate the change in temperature and I know I'm not alone. From the number of men who follow my Men's Fashion group the men are out here doing it big when it comes to clothes and I can dig it! Check out this brand and a few of the hot summer fashion trends they have for the season. What do you think of the prints inspired by Cuban fashion? Hot or Not
Brand: Cubavera 

Check out a snippet from their fashion show below. I think some of the pieces are HOT!
Cubavera Fashion Show 2017 - Miami Heat from Cubavera on Vimeo.

Who doesn't like denim? And just because the weather is so up and down here in the NYC area, I wanted to feature some denim inspired by NYC's urban trends that fits in with the chill during those transitional days like today. Embellished denim is HOT and never out of season and what better way to showcase your unique eye than to embellish a classic denim with embroidery, pins and layered fabric. I absolutely LOVE the city when it's nice enough to people watch. NYC fashion never let's me down.

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