Are You Looking for A Better Hand's Free Car Device?

My Camry is equip with Bluetooth which is great for chatting while driving but I very rarely use the feature to view my text messages and emails on my screen because it still requires me to take my eyes off the road. Well technology is changing and the Navdy ensures that your eyes are never off the road when using your cell phone. The Navdy allows you to receive calls, text messages and navigational maps because this friendly device projects everything on your front windshield directly in your line of vision while driving. You can even swipe to answer calls see faces of contacts and a lot more! The gadget seems cool but the price tag doesn't at $499 I may just wait on this new technology to be included within the tech bundle when purchasing my next car because I'm not willing to pay $500 for a few advanced features when I already have Bluetooth and navigation included in my car. It's just more of a "no frills" version of what they're offering but I'm cool with that.

Since I'm a techie I certainly swooned over the nice little gadget but I'll pass. How about you? Check out their features and ad below.

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