Janet Jackson Divorce

So Janet Jackson filed for divorce from her billionaire husband after being married for exactly 5 years and 2 months. Doesn't hurt that she signed a prenuptial agreement stating that she had to be married for 5 years in order to get a half a billion dollar severance. LOL... I called it a severance because that it's exactly how it seemed. Let's do the timeline math shall we?

Janet was involved with Jermaine Dupri who happen to go broke and she then broke up with him. She then moved on immediately to a billionaire who she married. Was it a coincidence? I think not. I believe that she and Jermaine both had dwindling funds but Jermaine was fun for her until she realized that her name and broke shouldn't coexist and she is a Jackson which resonates throughout the world so of course she's met tons of men who has shown interest based on the Jackson name alone. I don't think Janet was broke but she wasn't generating mass amount of income as of late either so she strategically married someone with unlimited funds and reproduced. Other countries love American pop culture and no matter how much money you have, some things you just can't buy so if you're wealthy and have grown up idolizing musicians what better trophy than to have a Jackson as a wife.  If you're as wealthy as Wissam Al Mana there are only so many things you can collect and having a wife who has her own legacy is huge for him as well but I don't think it's coincidental that Janet married him. I think it was a very strategic for both of them. He now has an heir who has ties to the Jackson family name from the U.S. and she has devoted 5 years of her life for a quick $500 million dollar payout.   

Muslim men are allowed multiple wives as long as you can take care of them and they cultural believe that a wife is to obey her husband so he did no wrong because that's his belief. Most societies have strict gender ideologies for wives and I don't believe that Janet was use to being dictated to as an American woman and there were stories which immediately followed their marriage that stated she was unhappy but she knew that prenup existed so she waited it out. Throw a kid into the mix and she's golden right? I don't think it's going to be that simple though. Her son is an heir to Wissam's fortune and in Muslim countries fathers determine what happens with his children so I think he's going to fight IF we even hear about a court battle. I don't think Janet is going to put up that much of a fight because she's aware of what it was when she married him and I think that's how they planned it anyway. I'm sure Janet was on all types of fertility treatment and they were able to determine the gender of their child. He has the money for it so he made sure he got a son and her buyout is $500 million for her time and an offspring. But this is all just my opinion. Too bad though because I thought they made a very cute couple. 

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