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So I'm a Scorpio and we all know what they say about Scorpio's right??? They're the most seductive sex oriented sign of the zodiac and I believe that's true. I'm sure we all have a bit of Scorpio tendencies when it comes to the pleasure department but I just wouldn't be myself without a naughty or nice post. Enjoy... and if I enhance your holidays, be sure to send me a little thank you! haha

So with that said I found a few gifts for the holiday season that will surely keep you toasty during these cold winter months. Below is a few ideas to get the juices flowing with perfect price points for any budget.

Kiki de montparnasse

Few more very sexy ideas to spice up your holiday season. You'll never need a large budget to stay indoors and make some heat so get to your favorite "yule log" and thank me later.

I personally LOVE vinyl anything! The shiny wet look always enhances your body and makes you look SPECTACULAR!

Even if it's a party one... why can't you feel sexy on your own. Have fun looking in the mirror and admiring yourself. Its a great way to boost your self esteem and get some self love going on.
(btw... if its a party of one, make sure you invest in yourself with a Lelo Rabbit... a great lil tool)

Just plain ole pretty!!! Lace corset or any corset for that matter.

Be bold and sassy! Say it all without saying anything

I own one myself!!!

Love your rear! Bring some attention to it. He'll thank  you for it!

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