2015 New Year = New You

With 2014 quickly coming to an end most of us will have new goals and aspirations for a successful 2015. If you need a little help with determining some good goals that will help you out, don't worry.. I've done all the work for you. Take a look at my list for 2015 and hopefully you'll be on your way to a great 2015.

1. Have wayyy more sex!
Doesn't matter if you're in a long term relationship or if your single. Sex is the easiest thing to get and the best thing to do to relieve stress so why not do more of it. Just make sure that it's protected sex and if 2 is a crowd (yourself and one other... shouldn't need to clarify that but some of you are freaks (in a good way))... then do it by yourself. Lelo anyone???

2. Buy yourself some nice underwear. I know it sounds a bit silly as a new years resolution but personally nothing makes me feel more sexy and confident knowing that under my clothes, I'm sexy and picture perfect. Just in case. Besides, you never know... my mother works in a hospital and she always mentioned that people noticed when patients had on nice underwear. Hopefully you're never in a hospital and they're cutting your clothes off but it's the visual that I was going for.

Also on a personal note, my husband never comments on my pretty underwear and I'm sure he notices because he always mentions how horrible my granny panties are if I have them on. So if you have on sexy underwear and you really want to spice things up for yourself... throw in some ben wa balls. Not big ones... just little ones so that you feel them. Oh and Lelo makes some good starter ones too (don't ask me how I know but I do). 

3. People come into your lives for a reason and sometime a season. Learn to respect the seasonal people and situations and get to burning bridges. I love this quote and the matches make a real statement. Not all burnt bridges are bad as long as they lead you to where you're suppose to be. That goes for jobs, situations and people.

4. The one I think is the most important of them all and can be started today... (drum roll).... start a hobby. Something that you love that once started can hopefully transition into extra income. Fine tune your craft so that people can appreciate your art and vision in the same manner that you do. You'll be surprised at how easily extra income can start flowing in if you just start. The reason I said hobby is because if you start with something you like doing, it will be easier to keep going with it when the pressure is applied and TRUST... there will be pressure in everything you do. But DO IT and trust me... it will start small but small stones break big glass everyday. I wish you a prosperous 2015 


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