You will Marry the Wrong Person

Are you the type that says you're never settling in regards to love? I tend to see that all the time posted on social media and I immediately think the same thing when seeing those post. Instantly I believe that the person posting it will be single for a long time, constantly searching for bigger and better love or if they're in a relationship they're unhappy because they're looking for all the wrong things. To love someone truly means that you're settling for who they are because no one will ever meet our expectations in all capacities. However we accept settling all the time in other aspects of life. You're children will never make all the right choices or live the life you pictured when daydreaming about them. You're job or career will never be exactly how you envisioned it. To top it off, you're not seen by others the exact way you envision yourself because we all have a warped sense of self  both figuratively and literally. Meaning none of us are perfect but we're constantly searching for what we consider perfection in someone else. So when someone says they're not settling what they really mean is that they want the butterflies in their tummy type love. However are those who choose that route always making the best choice for a mate? Blinded by love is a saying for a reason. Do we tend to overlook long term incompatibilities for the immediate allure lust?  Take a listen to this video and decide what's best for yourself.

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