Tina Knowles Lawson hit Richard with the reality check

I saw this circulating on the internet and had to post because it's just too comical! So Tina Knowles Lawson apparently appeared on Black Love with her husband Richard Lawson and his body language is all the way OFF. Not initially though because he was listening and then his demeanor switched. Listening to this short clip I do believe that Tina had to do go through a reflection phase and establish some self appreciation which is all good but she listed her "man" in the same sentence as purchased goods during that time in her life like a checklist.
Go to the grocery store pick up milk, eggs and a new man. Okay... maybe not so simply put but she damn sure did lay it out in this exact manner which is not how relationships work. I'm not saying you cannot will a deserving relationship into your existence but this just didn't come across lovingly. Richards entire body language was distant after she hit him with the "oh well eye roll" LOL. NOW... I know no one is perfect by any means but she just sat there in the same breath and said I took stock of myself, realized I was the shit and went out and did a complete overhaul. Bought me some new trinkets and got a new man.
Do you remember back in the day, when the men went out to work, were complete heads of the household and women started rebelling consequently sparking the women's liberation movement back in the 60's? That ideology fit perfectly with the scenario she described just with reversed roles. They're sort of late in the game to be experiencing gender role issues. However from this encounter I got the impression that Tina had bank and found Richard desirable and he fit the bill of who she envisioned for herself and toke ownership. Richard may have been cool with the idea initially too but all the novelty is wearing thin and it seemed like his perception of the situation hit him for all to see in this minute and 23 second clip. What do you think???

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