Derma Rollers To Improve Skin

I am not a product junkie but I am on a crusade to ensure that my skin looks it's possible best as I age. That is what led me to Microneedling or in my case derma-rollering which both are similar procedures. If you're interested in minor cosmetic boosting then Microneedling / at home derma-rollers may be the cheapest answer to your quest. Before we begin to delve further I must admit that these are two distinct versions of Microneedling that are used. One is done professionally by  your Dermatologist with really deep needles and can often times show markings. This is what the professional Dermatologist label Microneedling.  The other Microneedling  is often called derma-rollering and is performed in the same manner but is more of a DIY method. Yes... the do-it-yourself method requires needles to the face too however it's not the painful injection type of needle most would think of.

The idea behind both methods are the same. It's a non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery that provokes the skin to produce more collagen which is induced with the small needles. Basically the process tricks the skin into believing it's been injured (minor injury) and encourages the body to mass produce more collagen to correct the injured tissue plumping the skin. However the pricks from the needles are so small that all I've noticed is minor tenderness which sort of feels like a light rug burn to the face. Let me clarify that the sensation isn't as intense as an actual rug burn however immediately after you do feel slight sensitivity which is what you're striving for. My sensitivity was a bit heightened too because it was my very first time using the derma-roller and I followed up with a vitamin c serum to wrinkle repair. Another important note is that I've started out using a small  derma-roller at .25mm because I need to build up my tolerance. I'm also not looking for major changes to my skin. I just want to prevent laugh lines, crows feet and premature forehead wrinkles. If I were to actually see breaking in my skin from the derma roller or experienced any pain I would not continue but so far so good.

A lot of online reviews that I've read suggested the method to combat under eye bags. I'm guess it's great for people who aren't willing to undergo eye fillers and are looking for a more cost effect, injury free alternative to surgery. I did use it under and around my eyes so hopefully I notice a difference but it's not my main objective. I want to lessen my fine lines and wrinkles. The at home procedure recommends a treatment schedule of once per week working your tolerance up to eventually performing the procedure 2-3 times per week. I plan on sticking to a regimen of 2 times per week to see if I notice any subtle changes for 5 weeks. Now this is where the professional and DIY treatments vary. The professional treatment noticeably punctures which allows for a max of 6 sessions whereas the at home DIY version is not so intense. Both boast similar results for the skin that include correcting acne scaring, age spots, wrinkles and improvement to elasticity and uneven skin tone. However the professional dermatologist say that the at home results aren't the same as the in-office treatments but I believe that subjective. Dermatologist want to get paid. However I'll take the diluted version with its results over the 4-6 weeks in office procedure at about $300 per session.
The do-it-yourself roller runs about $15 and even if my results are minimal I'm okay with spending $15 over $1800.

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