How to get a professional wardrobe without breaking the bank- Women's Edition

Having a professional appearance doesn't have to break the bank. It's all about selecting a few key pieces that give you the appearance of upward mobility that you desire. As discussed in another post your 9-5 appearance definitely has an impact on how others in the office perceives you and that includes your boss. Not only does your on the job performance matter but your physical look holds just as much weight as your last resolved task on that expanding to-do list. The problem that most of us have is not knowing how to spend our hard earned money on items that reflect a winning persona without spending your entire paycheck on looking the part. Let's face it, we all have multiple wardrobes in our closets and your leisurely attire should hold more presidency in your closet because it's more likely to express your true individuality. It's that part of you that reflects your true identity and uniqueness but we all still have to earn a living. So let's us assist you in looking the part of the upper management without bleeding your wallet.

1.  A plain black below the knee pencil skirt. Thinks Suits because whomever styles their crew is on point! A pencil works well with everything and since it's black can be worn twice in a week with different shirts and accessories. It's elegantly sleek and classic and pairs well with anything. Pencil skirts also compliment all body types because it allows for you to hide or accentuate accordingly and adds an instantly polished look. The one featured below is from Sears and can be purchased for less than $16.

2. A neutral color silk textured shirt. It's another classic piece that pairs well with other items and instantly adds a polished professional look. It can also be worn on casual Friday's along with denim to give off a casual professional look that says I'm still business and can be paired with any accessories to take you from the office to happy hour effortlessly. This will probably be the most costly item on your shopping list but it's well worth it. A great silk top is a wise investment and the neutral color allows for it to be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come so the investment pays off.

3. A button up patterned shirt in a loose flowing fabric which can also be paired with denim for a more casual look. Try to stay with a neutral base color while adding dimensions with the secondary colors or patterns to spice it up. It's an instant appeal factor in the office and the loose fabric flatters all figure and requires less ironing for a get up and go flow.

4. Basic black blazer or long sweater. Shown here I've selected a blazer that comes with the accessory of an embedded scarf but you can easily skip the heavy price point and purchase a black blazer on your own and pair it with a broach or multiple silk scarves to add layers, style and versatility. Accessories are the key here as you should have multiple on hand to make it the focal point versus the jacket so that it can be worn multiple times without seeming as if you're repeating outfits. You'll appear super polished and distinguished in the blazer while the accessories add the wow factor to be effortlessly chic.

5. Basic tanks to go under any blazers and sweater (see point 4). You don't have to break the bank at all on basics and they add the pop of color needed to freshen your outfit. Easily accessible at any retailer for under $15 dollars. Make sure to purchase these in bright colors to add the pop of color and accessorize to bring it up a notch. Basics are staples that rotate within your entire wardrobe.

6. Basic black kitten heel pumps. Kitten heels are stylish without the pain of a dramatic heel. You can go from office runs to lunch and happy hour effortlessly without the burden of needing multiple shoes. It's also extremely professional in it's appeal and doesn't require you to break the bank on purchasing multiple work shoes. I have 1 pair of basic black shoes that I wear throughout the seasons that are strictly for the office and I only invest in 1 pair of work shoes every two years and it's always a black flat or kitten heel. You won't be disappointed and you'll save money while looking your best. The shoe I featured here is from Gap and is currently on sale for under $50.

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