Blake Lively - Fashion Win!!!

I love Blake Lively's style! Especially love the look she had for the the Deadpool 2 premier where she kept her formal look playful with a Judith Leiber bag and Ofira jewelz earrings. Blake also made sure to remind her followers that it takes a whole lot people to pull off one of these red carpet looks so don't beat yourself up too bad filtering your own pics to post. It's takes collective minds for these celebrities to slay.  It's also a part of her job to look . Which got me to thinking about how impactful if our attire is in our everyday lives and how it impacts how we're perceived on the job?

Increasingly our visual senses are overly utilized due to all of the social media platforms designed to keep us in touch but actually feeds into an overwhelming appeal to vanity. Constantly peeking into others lives only stimulate our visual perceptions and drives the urge to judge others strictly on their outward appearance. As a society we're constantly making conclusions on others fulfillment, competencies and joy based solely on what we see within the first few moments of interaction.

Since we understand that there is a preconceived view of what work attire should be, what does your professional wardrobe say about you? Can your professional career be stunted strictly based on what someone else perceives you to be based on your attire??? I believe it's done everyday. Is it right? No but we certainly pass judgment on people based on their appearance and the management staff at your office is no different than you and I so of course your appearance holds weight when people are interacting with you within the office.

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