Wendy Williams Messy Marriage

Having been a Wendy fan for years I remember the early allegations of her husbands harassment of a former employee. I've listened to Wendy on her radio show for years actually since being a teen and I remember how she is easy to dispel those who have worked for the slightness thing but it seems to be a very hard task for her to reign in her husband. He's been accused of sexually harassing an ex-employee of Wendy's (Nicole Spencer) and in addition the employee claimed that he made the workplace a hostile environment with his constant harassment and abuse of his wife. Eventually the lawsuit was settled in favor of the ex-employee for $5 million dollars but Wendy adamantly denied all allegation then similarly to how she's trying to manage them now. Clearly the pattern of behavior has been formed.

Wendy makes it very obvious through her descriptions of her husband that he is the authoritarian type but certain disrespect is beyond repair. When she and her former employer WBLS had to pay the first settlement of $5 million. I still love Wendy's show but the I'm a tough woman who takes no prisoners persona is just an act when you're disrespected in your private life. Your home life should be your first priority and having a man openly disrespect you sets a precedent for your children who watches you to build their own foundation. She never denied that he was cheating which is avoidance. She only said in her reply to the allegations that everything was good in Hunter-ville and flashed a wedding ring but what good is a ring? It's backward logic! Also a year long investigation highlights another woman living off the spoils of your success and it's a slap in the face regardless. She should have taken that "L" a long time ago because now she's in her mid 50's and settling. In addition splitting up the coins she has now versus before is a hell of a set back. Honestly I think they're both living double lives but eventually all cross-roads come to pass.  

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