Live In The Now- Things to do at this moment to increase your good karma

This morning during my commute into work I was listening to radio and they were discussing how people get so wrapped up in trying to get to the next level or achieve their personal goals that we often forget to enjoy the beauty of the moment. We're all constantly striving for more than what we currently have that we tend to forget to appreciate what we have now. This causes major issues for us. 

There is nothing wrong with aspiring for more. Pushing your limits is a healthy path to growth. We can actually see that in the physical form when we push ourselves past our comfort levels with physical fitness. When you repetitively push your limits, you will gradually see the physical changes to your body. Wanting to achieve and do better than you are today is a great goal. We should all have short term and long term goals. However there are rules to everything and one thing you must do to ensure that you're spirit is welcoming bigger and better is to practice appreciation for what you have already attained. Hopefully you're better off now than you were a year ago or you've experienced wins and loses along your journey and that's okay.  Sometimes we tend to overlook the present and fall short of being grateful for the wins along the path. We can be so set on what the bigger picture looks like or how we expect it to look that we miss being grateful for the beauty of today. Tomorrow isn't promised but right now you're living your perfect imperfect life. Relish in it!

Things to do right now to show appreciation and gratitude

  1. Give yourself a moment to be in the moment RIGHT NOW! Take a few slow deep breathes and tell your body and spirit how grateful you are for it's contributions to getting you here. After a few deep breathes, take your fingers and slowly rub your chest or neck and say "Thank you". Touch is a powerful thing and appreciation of your body with your own touch stimulates positive vibes in the same way that it does when you're skin is stroked lovingly by someone else.   
  2. Smile! Smiling instantly boost your mood and it also encourages others to feel better and to think more highly of you. If you're one of those people who are constantly told "you're always smiling" be proud of that. I'm sure that smile has gotten you further than you're aware of. People want to include you in things because you appear to be more easy going. No one wants a combative person around them draining their energy. Your smile is your calling card to the world that you're happy and present in the moment. Let your smile works it's magic internally and externally so get to smiling.
  3. Slow down a take a few minutes to say a little "thank you" to your creator and the universe for this exact moment. You thanked yourself now thank the unseen for the things you're unaware of that's working in your favor spiritually.
  4.  Express gratitude and appreciation for someone who is helping you now. In addition do something small to assist someone else right now because someone is assisting you right now. It may not huge but subtle expressions of gratitude are still gratitude.Make sure that you tell that person helping you that you're gracious and appreciative for their assistance. Make sure you're doing little things too throughout the day to assist others in small ways or large if you're up to it.  As you give, so shall you receive. It's the universal law of karma.  

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