Perfect Your Passion

Although we're busy in this world ensuring that we maintain the basics it's imperative that we remember to nurture our passions whatever those happen to be. Your passion may be singular or they may be many. Still the more you invest in yourself and do the things you truly enjoy, the more you will improve your well being. It's nurturing to the soul and therapeutic when you're preoccupied with task that make you happy. You in turn improve your concentration and it helps alleviate stress from other things in life that may be overwhelming.

In addition if ever you wanted to venture into a new career or have a side hustle you can transition you passion into additional income which can lead to a career overhaul.  If you're able to transition your passion into a profitable business it will take much more than just the love of your craft so be mindful of all the additional responsibilities that would be associated with trying to turn a profit. In doing so it may take the fun and satisfaction out of it. However for most it's a really rewarding way to earn an income and when there is love invested into in action the universe inadvertently rewards that effort with success but it will all take time. But whose actually tracking time when you're doing things you truly enjoy? 

If  you're interested in potentially building an income from your passion there are a few things that you must keep in mind.
  1. Build your network. Some people are very reserved when showcasing their most intimate goals and self expression but if you're contemplating earning a profit out of your passion be sure that you're setting the ground work in advance. One great way to get people talking about your skills and garner brand loyalty is to develop a social network page primarily for your craft and post frequently. You'll build your network and your also build a consumer awareness surrounding your brand.
  2. You'll need help. You wont possibly be able to know it all and do everything so it's imperative that you're able to acknowledge when it's time to outsource and delegate certain task and responsibilities to others. There are tons of resources out there for niche employees who can do your mundane task for relatively little cost. Part of the battle is recognizing when you need to outsource. It may be that you have little interest in the brunt work or that you want to optimize your time. The little task do add up and hiring someone else to delegate those task to can often make or break your motivation to continue.  
  3. Practice makes perfect! Study your craft and truly invest the time to fine tune your skill set. The more you're familiar with the nuances and small details the better equipped you'll be at setting yourself apart from the competition. 

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