Puffy on the Wendy Williams Show

This is truly a milestone moment between Wendy and Puffy with all their tumultuous past. If you're from NYC or familiar with Wendy then you know she gained her notoriety in hip hop music talking real greasy about people and one of the most infamous stories was about Puffy but from the looks of it, it's all water under the bridge now and it's a beautiful thing to witness. As you watch this though you can sort of feel the uneasiness with him coming out and was planning to hide behind the sunglasses but Wendy peeped that and asked him to take them off so she could look in his eyes. NOW even though the interview seemed sort of intense you could tell there was respect between the two of them. I believe that respect was due to what sparked both of their successes and that's the culture that is hip hop. Both have decades within that industry and we've all witness that game suck them in and spit them out and at times some have come unhinged during the process so the respect is definitely understandable. If you haven't seen it then watch for yourself below.

Once upon a time I LOVED Wendy's radio show but it took me some time to get accustom to her television presence because it really was not the same to me. In my opinion she wasn't as RAW as she was on the radio but I get it. Television is a cross over market and she needed to portray a certain image but to be completely honest I felt that it was a watered down sellout move so I didn't watch her show until 2017. She made comments and played on race in the past that I didn't agree with but as a whole I believe her intentions have somehow redirected itself back to her core (a tad bit) and I get it. She's also a woman of a certain age therefore that peeks through too so I take what she has to give and I enjoy none-the-less because at the end of the day we're all chasing a check to some degree. GET THAT MONEY!

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