Time to Detox!!!

My eldest daughter was just recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic and my mind has been blown ever since.Like really... because my little miss is only a buck and some change WET (for those who don't know what that means.. she's super skinny as is) so I've been going crazy to change her eating habits because she doesn't need to lose any weight. I think her culprit is more what she eats and with college and work it's usually bread and seasoned potatoes so I figured I would cook meals so that she can take them with her and we're trying a new diet. We've decided to try the no carbs, no sugar and no dairy adaptation of the GAPS diet because I honestly believe that the root cause of her issue is an imbalance in her stomach and this diet helps rid the body of candida and toxin. As motivation to help her along I've decided to try it too and navigate these tough times with her and I'll be damn it's HARD! I've never really tried a real detox and the cravings are something serious!

The first day was okay but the second day my entire body felt drained and I was extremely irritable and tired. Third day and I'm having muscle cramps and extremely hungry even though I've eaten. My eyes are also really itchy for some odd reason but I've read that rash is normal as well as breakouts, my cravings and the fatigue. It's my bodies way of telling me that I need to eat with hopes that I'll satisfy the cravings with carbs or sugar but NOPE!!! I've also gotten mild headaches which I've read are normal too but I think it's due to the hunger. LOL I'm sticking with it though and I'm also hitting the gym for less intense work-outs and this coming weekend I'll visit the local Korean spa for the steam and saunas to really intensify the detox. I'm going hard for this one not only due to the fact that my baby is impacted but I seriously believe that a detox to rid the body of backup mess is necessary. They say around the 2nd week I'll start to see parasites in my stool. OMG that's going to freak me the hell out but if it's in me I'd rather them be in the toilet so I'll tough it out. Truly think about all the trash that built up in our intestines. I've never detoxed before so years of disease causing junk is there festering. Sounds gross right when you think about it like that? Well a detox may be a new ritual that I do for 3 weeks every year. I'll see how this one goes but if it goes how I hope it will clear up my system and change my eating habits to the point where I gradually re-introduce only the good stuff to my diet.

So what can I eat and what have I been eating? I've made cabbage seasoned only with pepper and chicken broth. I've made turmeric chicken cubes with pepper and top grade salmon seasoned with real lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic and broccoli and cauliflower. And the most important part of the cleanse is the daily water concoctions. I mix a teaspoon of dimethicone earth, fresh squeezed lemon juice and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to my water and I drink that usually in that first thing in the morning along with my hard boiled egg whites. I only eat the whites because I don't like the yoke of hard boiled eggs because of it's consistency. I also purchased some expensive ass probiotics vitamins (Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women) which I've read is a necessity for re-conditioning the stomach so hopefully they'll come by week 2 so that I can introduce them to my diet before I finish the cleanse. Some have stuck with the cleanse for longer than 3 weeks but I'll see how I feel after my first 3 weeks to see if I should continue. I've also noticed a nice little reduction in my stomach pooch. It wasn't horrible to begin with but my stomach has reduced some and I've down 2 pounds in 3 days which is good.

I'll keep you guys posted on my progress and the progress of my daughter. Hopefully the by-product for me is a    

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