Hunter Biden Playing Uncle-Daddy

I hope you all had a great weekend. Here in Jersey it was bitter cold so I stayed home and hosted a small dinner party and I invited a new couple over to join in the mix. My 6 year old daughter is at that age where she has play dates and we tend to meet new people so once you're invited to someone's home, you have to reciprocate and that's what I did.  I really like the wife of the couple and the night went well but I felt a bit uneasy at the end of the evening because the husband came upstairs following me into my daughters room which I felt was a violation! Let me clarify the scenario a bit... he came upstairs because his daughter went up to my daughters room to get her bracelet but still I followed her upstairs and he followed right behind me. Ummm that's not acceptable because I didn't know he was behind me and it's a sign of out right nosiness disguised as a concerned parent trying to find a plastic bracelet. When I was at their home and my daughter went up to their children's room to change, I didn't invite myself upstairs in their house and honestly I've never experienced someone just taking the liberty to walk through a strangers home. I have friends who I know quite closely and I've never been upstairs in their private bedrooms because it's a violation of their privacy. At least that's what I think and I thought it was a bit weird but my house is nice and I know this soooo me being be went the positive route and I've decided to overlook it BUT it made me wonder how a person could be so brazen or if it was just a cultural difference??? Is that normal for other cultures??? You tell me. The couple was a Filipino woman and a white husband but I know enough Filipino's to know that it's definitely not a cultural thing for them but to be honest I don't have many white friends so please fill me in? 
My daughter who has white friends said that one of her friends give out the garage passcode to her friends so that they can walk into her house and she too thought that was odd so this sparked my question. I know if my kids gave my garage code to ANYONE for them to invite themselves into my home we would have a PROBLEM! What's your take on it? 

Another thing that I wanted to chat about was the Hunter Biden. Apparently the younger Biden has become romantically involved with his deceased brothers widow. Let's not overlook the fact that he's still very much married BUT he is currently getting a divorce. Wendy Williams discussed this on her show as well on Friday and I've made a comment on another post as well about this uncle-daddy scenario. My personal opinion is that it's a bit distasteful!  Hunter has children and they know Hallie to be their aunt as well as their cousins mother and now it's a possibility that their dad is leaving their mom to go live with their cousins and auntie??? That's crazy and can cause all kinds of issues in the kids relationships with their immediate cousins and their parents. That is NOT normal and despite the fact that aunt Hallie may have been lonely you just DON'T go digging for a new beau in your deceased husbands family.  

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