What would you do if you found 600 Million?

What would you do if you found $600 Million dollars?

Well we now know what 65 year old farmer Jose Cartolos would do because he actually found several big blue tubs containing $600 million when he was digging around on his family farm. He turned the money over to the government and it was later determined that the money belonged to Pablo Escobar who has been dead for 22 years now.
Jose is better than me because I know exactly what I would have done but that's another story. After a while if they haven't come back for it then they aren't coming back. I'm sure he could tell if the land was recently dug up or irritated (he is a farmer). Anyway for Jose's act of kindness in surrendering the money he has received absolutely nothing in return. The money was confiscated by the Columbian government.