Weekend Recap!!!

My weekend was action packed with tons of things! Food, music, kids and family. So I went to Afro Punk on Saturday but the line was literally around the 4 square blocks and I'm not one for lines so I didn't attend but my kid did. She attended both days because that is truly her scene. She's a free spirit to the core as well as a lover of art. She is a budding artist herself so her gravitating to functions where alike minds celebrate art, fashion and music is refreshing. I also feel that NY as a whole is going through a rebirth in terms of self-consciousness and self love. You see more and more people embracing their natural beauty and free forms of expression in terms of fashion. I don't know if it's occurring everywhere but it's definitely a movement in NYC and the tri-state area which I feel is a beautiful thing. NYC for a time was starting to loose it's self identity in art. It was becoming more mainstream instead of inventing what's popular and that's soooo not what I'm used to in terms of the North East area. I feel like the kids here are a hybrid of both. They embrace and love pop-culture but at the same time it takes that same culture and molds it into their own. I'm sure you'll start to see more artist from the NY area that are inventive and creative in their art taking a turn from what you see and hear everyday and I look forward to that passion. 

Anyway... here are a few pics from my daughters day and some food that I experienced. Let's start with the food because I'm a foodie!!!! YUM 

This is Harold's sandwich!  My husband and I were only able to eat half of one half. They bring you extra bread and there is a complementary pickle bar. Literally you can feed 3-5 people from this sandwich. 

Check out Harold's humongous cakes!! I didn't try a slice but it was definitely on everyone else's table. I cannot eat this.

Now on to Afro Punk!!! Here's my starchild! This picture wasn't modified or doctored at all. It's purely her aura! Love it!

The sky was perfect. This is Sunday's sunset.

 This is my daughter's crew! They enjoyed themselves.

Austin Willis is one of my daughter's favorite artist so she was extremely excited that he was there. He also added her to his page: austinjwillis. His work is phenomenal!

Great shot!!! They also hung out with Devin Allen who is a outstanding photographer. Check out his work... I'm sure you've seen some of it but you probably didn't know it was his hand behind the lens.