Fall Fashion Poncho's and Fringe

Fall is right around the corner and I'm soooo not ready for cooler weather. But what can we do? At least the fashion for fall is always great hit. I do love the fashion so at least that's one optimistic point to consider! You have more options when the weather is cooler because you layer up and this years trends are HOT! Fashion is never really new but there are always new ways to renew old things and this years no different. I always say never break the bank trying to get new fashion when you can re-invent what you have. One great way to switch up your current closet is to invest in accessories. Especially scarves, bags and shoes because they add so much flare to the outfit and are usually the stand out pieces.

Poncho's are playing it big this year and is a continuation of last years swing coat which are still very hot for 2015. I myself love the ponchos because they are really coats or sweaters but add a big wow factor. You can choose to keep a poncho on making it your one statement piece or add  to it with pins or a belt. Burberry features ponchos a lot and this years they were heavy on the fringe. These two seperate trends actually complement each other well. You should try a poncho with fringe boots but make sure they're suede because texture makes a difference in how they complement each other. The suede booties add the pop when the poncho is without the fringe edges.

Josie Natori- I like this simple poncho with fringe. The textures makes the difference and adds to the look so make sure you're paying attention to texture too when looking for a poncho.

Fringe bags can also add the trendiness to your current wardrobe and if you make it a fringe bag with color ... it's HOT!!!! Fall doesn't have be be bland! When adding color look for deep dark colors like a wine or deep blue for your fall color pop.

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