Man Bags... Do or Don't???

There is a growing trend that I'm seeing where men are increasingly carrying around bags or purses and I post this to ask you if you think it's okay? It's not uncommon for a man to have extra things to carry around similarly to women and it's not uncommon for a man to even carry around a bag on a daily basis but the type of bag is up for debate. Now women use their bags as one of their accessories to enhance or complement their outfits and then you have some like myself who wear bags as both accessory and necessity. It really depends on the day if my bag matches to be honest. I tend to buy my bags for more practical use and I try to stay neutral in my color pallet because I cannot be bothered everyday with changing up my bag. I'll begin to misplace my stuff but that's just me. So some women are like me and view their purses more as a necessity and you very rarely catch those type of women with a clutch bag or if you do they're thrown in a larger bag. LOL Clutch bags are cute but functionally they are not good freeing the hands and tend to carry only small items such as a phone, lipstick and maybe one or two keys. You have little room for more that that and that's why it's just not conducive nor beneficial for people such as myself. I must have a big bag. Totes work best and is a preference for me because it's easy to get more into them. Also if you're a mother, you are well aware that you need extra. On top of your normal necessities for yourself which may include keys, make-up, ponytail holders, wallet, phone, and possible flats for my heel wearing ladies. If you have a child you also need stuff like wipes, hand sanitizer, a change of clothes, bandages, snacks and a list of other stuff that just pops up (ohhhh the joys). For women bags tend to be both functional and aesthetic. For men I feel that there may be things that you need so again a bag is not uncommon for the functional part but they are increasing becoming more of a fashion statement then your normal backpack with your stuff thrown about. BTW backpacks can be very fashionable and men can kill the game with a backpack without it looking messy and unfashionable. I know looked a bit longer at the picture of Justin Theroux up there and he not only looks fashionable with his backpack but he is stuntin... HARD might I add!

Seeing a man with a backpack, messenger bag or a briefcase for those who need to carry more has been common in the past but now I see men with clutch bags and bags that would normally be more used as a fashion accessory rather than a necessity and I ask you do you think this shift will continue to catch on among main stream men and will the gender lines within fashion continue to become more blurred as men continue to wear purses and clutches?  When does wearing a bag cross the line and are there any unspoken rules to say which bags are more acceptable for men versus women?  To me it's a combination of what type of bag and how it's worn that makes a difference in how I view the look.

As always, I've compiled a few pics for you as reference for the debate. I must admit some looks awesome but I can only speak for myself when saying that I prefer my men without bags that are fashion accessories. When I ask my husband to carry my purse for a moment he becomes uneasy when out in public and he's very vocal about it. LOL... I get that bag back quick!!!