Selfie Makeup???

Happy Monday folks!

Who the hell needs a bad selfie floating out there on social media? Have you ever taken a picture only to think you've done a great job on your make-up but the picture posted online reflects a different story? After reading countless worries and concerns I see that I'm not alone and brands are quickly marketing to the selfie worries among us.

Brands have developed make-up lines geared toward delivering your best selfie ever!
Check out the recently released make-up line by Dior that advertises that it makes your selfie more luminous therefore producing a better social presence. Don't you just love vanity in the form of more likes???

Diorskin Star line offers foundation (cream and spray-on), BB Cream, illuminating powder as well as blush and concealers.  I haven't done a review yet but I'll be trying this and posting soon. Anyone try this makeup yet? Please share your review with us.

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