Christian Louboutin for your nails???

Christian Louboutin recently released his new line of nail lacquer which retails at $50 a bottle (if you're into lavish nail polish) but the icing on the holiday cake is his special limited edition "Starlight" version of his polish which retails for $675. My question to you ladies is how much is too much when paying for a name?

Anyway... YES.. You did read that right. Repeat it's $675 nail polish as if $50 a bottle wasn't already excessive! So what's so special about this nail polish? It's the limited supply and the packaging of coarse Silly! The bottle is hand decorated with 1,500 Strass crystals and leather floral detailing and there's a very limited quantity of the Starlight version. There will on be a 1000 in supply.

For me... I'll stick with Essie... but if you're into collecting polish and you want an over-the-top bottle to add to your collection, here you go. And please ladies... if you've "invested" in this polish, do share as it's off my wish list.


Louboutin nail lacquer

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