Project Runway All-Stars Review

OMG... I've fallen hard for Project Runway All-Stars. My love for fashion and the talent to create fashion is runs deep. I attended Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and during my time there I was always in awe of the designers and their creativity that were often featured in the main lobby. When you walked in the hallways of the school you just felt the energy and I loved it. I don't often watch television and have lost interest in Project Runway for years but when I happened to stumble upon this new season of all-stars, I instantly fell in love and as you all know, my daughter follows in my footsteps in the fashion arena so she and I sat watching the back to back episode and we cannot wait to see who wins this season.

Our top picks and favorites are:

Fabio Casto
Everything I seen from Fabio has been pure genius and raw talent. In my opinion his designs are what you hope to see from an emerging designer and comes completely naturally for him.  
This dress was made from tarp.

Justin LeBlanc 
We totally love Justin's designs! His dress made from zip ties was flawless!!!! Come on now people... it's damn ZIP TIES and he created this dress with insane time constraints and made it look effortless. 

Honorable Mention

Sonjia Williams
Ms. Williams wasn't even on our radar for the first 2 episodes but when we saw the perfection of her Good design... WOW.

OK...I will never forget this little number by Sonjia. Impressive, impeccable, impressionable...
I could go on and on. I went online to bid for this but it's not there.
 This dress is beautiful and we'll be watching for more. Hopefully she can remain consistent with designs like these. 

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