TV Weekend Wrap Up

Although I love HBO's Insecure I'm a little conflicted with this seasons story line. I especially wasn't feeling the last episode for a few reasons. Don't get me wrong... I rides for Issa but I cannot condone glorifying drug use and trying to make it seem necessary for a group of friends to have a great time together. Is that really what we're trying to push on a society that is already to preoccupied with trying to keep up with they see on social media? Authentic connections in real life are disappearing and young people already feel that they're missing out in life. Don't even get me started on the fact that they show also condoned unprotected sex with a "random". No sis... we're not going to do that shit and unprotected sex is NOT okay!!! Sex is okay especially with a cutie like ole boy from the show but make sure you're safe. Don't let a moment in time define your life. Sounds cliche but it happens wayyy more often than we all care to realize.

Now... back to me feeling Insecure for what it is.... ENTERTAINMENT! This season has been a bit dry and all over the place. First Molly is sexing her married childhood friend then that storyline is gone. Issa is temporarily living with Daniel and decides it's not a good look so she moves out but leaves us wondering "where's that all going?". Then she meets cutie from the Lyft pick up and starts off with him and now we run into Lawrence? Give me time to digest the sloppy sex you just had with the potential cute random who seems interested before we delve back into Lawrence. Why is Tiffany pregnant but drinking and doing edibles? Do people really get pregnant to risk it all to fit in on a weekend trip? HELLS NAWWWW they don't! I don't know not 1 pregnant 30 something-ish year old woman who would do that dumb shit!!! Plus if I saw a pregnant woman chilling at a packed music festival I might just give her the side eye but then your peoples is full on fighting and you're in the mix (kinda)??? NOOOOOOO! I'm not feeling the writing and we're already half way through the season and it's still not giving me any types of feel good vibes. I'm definitely going to wait to see how it all plays out but it's looking kind of shaky to keep my interest piqued for the year hiatus like it has in the past.Only part I've liked from this last episode was the 10 second feature of Chad. He's funny and his facial expressions are hilarious! Always a damn straw sipping scene with him. LOL
Now on to the Power season finale. That felt rushed too but I must admit that this season was GREAT and kept me in suspense the entire season. Every episode delivered some sort of shocker or cliff hanging moment!!! I'm not going to ruin it if you haven't seen the last episode but I cannot wait an entire year although I'll definitely be watching! Bravo for a great season!


Last but not least on my black must see t.v. list is Snowfall. Love it!!! Great writers on this show too because it definitely leaves me eager to see the next episode and have me thinking about how grimy friends can be!!!! I also finish Snowfall feeling conflicted about something which is a good thing. Seriously this last episode had me all in my feelings. I've had long time friends that disappoint and this story line is real. Forget the drugs and the plot but you clearly see how their success is forming a wedge between all the relationships on the show. You've got Franklin trying to do right by his mother with what seems like good intentions but it's actually tearing up their once close relationship. Then you have Uncle Jerome and Autie Louise who are one of my favorite two on the show but they just can't get on the same page but it's beginning to look up for them. At least this last weeks episode seems to reflect that. At least I hope so but that's probably going to turn bad by next week LOL.                                           

Then you have Franklin, Leon and Kevin's relationship that's just spiraling out of control. That one hurts me to the core. I really like Franklin and Leon because they have each others back for the most part. However the junkie girlfriend is going to really mess up things  with her always calling Leon a flunky for Franklin. Kevin is a damn snake. I know it didn't start off like that but regardless he's a snake in the grass now. Lucia is a damn G and I'm going to hate to see her character go to jail with Gustavo so I hope that call to the DEA gets them out of that jam. Overall I'm loving this season and I'm eagerly awaiting next weeks episode. Great writing and as long as they don't surprise me with anymore male rape scenes, I'm all in!

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