Kavanaugh accuser demonized by the good ole boys before she even speaks!!!

As a woman I'm appalled by the accusatory tone of  Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell's speech earlier today. If you missed it he basically said that the accusations are a part of a smear campaign to discredit Brett Kavanaugh judiciary nomination. In the same breathe he also states that the accuser will have her chance to speak her truth but he strongly suggested that she shouldn't be taken seriously when she does testify because her story so far hasn't had any other credible witnesses to corroborate her story. So when you have a high ranking senator prematurely come out and speak ill against you what's your motivation to continue to tell your story? In addition the accuser, who is a doctor has also had death threats against her and her family. It's all very sad that a woman who has achieved such heights as becoming a doctor is to be looked at as just another lying woman who has to get some sort of strange acknowledgement by bringing down a prominent successful family man seeking to solidify his "legend". I believe this accusations and the fact that another woman has come forth to accuse not only Kavanaugh but his long time friend only speaks to his pattern of behavior during that time in his life. Do I think that he should be held accountable after 30 years??? ABSOLUTELY!!! You and I are subject to scrutiny when applying for a job. Why shouldn't an elected/ appointed official be held to the same standards? Take a listen for yourself to Mitch McConnell's overtly accusatory speech below.

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