Teen Vogue's Editor Elaine Welteroth Leading By Example

I must admit that I definitely LOVE to see women shatter ceilings and excelling in their careers but I definitely cheer on women of color who shatter glass ceilings. I know first hand how difficult it could be in corporate America for a woman of color. I especially love to see any woman standing up to the establishment and not conforming to what's expected of her so when I read in Page Six that Teen Vogue's editor Elaine Welteroth decided to skip the Met Gala and attended an event labeled "Not the Met" I was immediately interested in discovering more about Ms. Welteroth. The Met is definitely an event full of what should be considered her peers especially being that it's thrown by her colleague Anna Wintour of Vogue fame. I would definitely consider the two magazines sister brands with different demographics but sisters none the less.  One however is leading the way on highlighting social issues that will shape our tomorrow.

After doing a bit of digging online it became clear that Ms. Weltroth is indeed paving a path of her own which includes revamping the image of  Teen Vogue to include more socially conscious topics and stories that include more women of color. The magazine recently posted a piece on how to avoid Cultural Appropriation at Coachella which highlights the sensitivity that people feel when they see elements of their culture exploited and distorted in the form of a fashionable trend and then discarded. (You may read the article here: coachella-cultural-appropriation)

Teen Vogue is taking the lead in spearheading the change in mindset of teen girls. They are definitely doing their part in planting the activism seed within our youth so they are aware of how their actions and voice impacts our nation and social climate. Teen Vogue is definitely inspiring teens to be the change they want to see in life. Below is a clip from Teen Vogue's YouTube channel where they address a multitude of cultural topics as well as the traditional fashion and pop-culture, spreading awareness to issues that plague the nation currently. Personally I applaud their effort and I'm personally inspired by the evolution of Teen Vogue and Elaine Welteroth.

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