Billboard Award Hit or Miss

Happy Monday folks! Hope your weekend was well. Did you catch the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend? I did not but I did catch the fashion recap and I was not impressed. I know the Billboard Awards are laid back but the fashion to me looked beyond drab! Only a few outfits were cute but only two were costume worthy and they were worn by Dencia and Nicki. Dencia is a woman who is famous for face bleaching cream but I guess she's trying to work her way into the American market. Ummmm Okay! Also we have Nicki who always has an award show ready dress on stand by and her body is the business but this dress didn't really do much to accentuate the body to the fullest but still they're both mention worthy and looks like what you want to see at a music award show in my opinion.

As for looks that I did like there were a few but these were very bland and Saturday dinner soiree-ish. I liked Nicole and Kate's dresses the best and of the two Nicole would shut it down on any average day but the color didn't WOW on the pink carpet. However if the dress were red it would be a HIT. Anyway... the girls were out and the form was BOMB but the dress was not Billboard bomb but day party bomb with the flesh tone color but still none the less CUTE!!!
            Kate Beckinsale                                                                        Nicole Schwerzinger

Wendy had a segment on her show specifically to cover the fashion on the awards. Check it out below if you haven't already seen it. The kicker for me is when Robert Verdi mentioned Newark Halsey Street... I'm a NJ girl born and raised and I love it when NJ natives reference dirty Jerz!

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