Valentine's Day Seduction

Valentine's Day was yesterday and I felt really old because I just wasn't caught up in the day. Although I did receive roses and a card from my husband I felt bad that I hadn't gotten him anything but I wasn't into it. I noticed while exiting my job around 5pm that the parking lot was almost empty so I guessed that I was the only one not impressed with the day. First of all it fell on a Tuesday. Tuesday are one of the worst days of the week to attempt to go out. If you do try to go out you're most likely doing something local and easy because it's a damn Tuesday! So I was left with cooking a nice meal that hopefully didn't go unappreciated but a nice home cooked meal for me was perfect for a mid-week expression of love. Besides I really don't need much to get my juices flowing. All I need to have an exciting night is for my husband to add a level of surprise to the boudoir is a mask. We were shoveling snow recently and my husband had on his work clothes and he had on a ski mask and that totally did it for me. Sometime you don't need much to get the party started. Besides depending on the situation a mask is the epitome of sexy. Even for women! It doesn't have to be specifically a ski mask. It can also be the Eye's Wide Shut type of mask as well. It's just a cheap sexy alternative to adding mystery to the bedroom that serves as just the right amount of mystery that does the love life good. Enjoy your weekend folks and hopefully you add a  $10 "mood enhancer" to your arsenal.

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