Artificial Intelligent Girlfriend???

Thank goodness it's Friday!!!! I cannot wait until 5 when I can actually go home, relax and get my weekend started. One of the absolute best things about getting home is knowing that I actually have a family there waiting for me. It's amazing how we overlook something a big as family and consider these individuals to be miscellaneous at times but just imagine if those people weren't there?

This is the exact thing that's occurring in places like Japan where some of Japan's younger population aged 18-40 are more interested in a virtual mate than a real one leading to the growing popularity of the "virtual assistants" like the Gatebox. Once you've seen the actual advertisement for the box (view below), you quickly begin to realize it's more of a virtual girlfriend than any type of assistant.  I guess there's a market for everything. The crazy thing is that I can easily see this becoming a trend here in the US too as people opt out of traditional ways of socializing for various reasons and this type of artificial intelligence offers a non-traditional way of feeling appreciated. What's your thoughts? Would you pay $2600 for a girlfriend in a box?

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