Jeen-yuhs A Kanye Trilogy on Netflix

In true Kanye West fashion, he documented his rise to fame before he even knew he would be famous. Absolutely, he had a buzz in his hometown for making beats but as a rap artist he was non-existent. However if there were any depiction of hard work and dedication to ones dream, it was surely captured in Jeen-yuhs. The first of the three part Netflix series was released on Wednesday February 16 and part 2 and 3 will be released 2/23 and 3/2. 

Part 1 of the documentary starts with him in Chicago where he makes his rounds among the local talent making a name for himself as the beat hit maker. From the intro the series also features the cinematographer Coodiem who cast himself as a second character while he narrates about the ambition of both he and Kanye.  He states that he uprooted his life to make the move with Kanye as he moves to NYC in pursuit of his dream to not only be a producer making beats but also a rapper. As he states Kanye had a spark and from what he saw was destine to make it. From the beginning you witness a brace faced young humbled Kanye as he sits in a Newark apartment playing his songs for anyone who would listen. It also depicts the strong bond he shared with his mother Donda West and she can be seen within docu-series supporting her young son and always smiling. You can physically see the love and support that she poured into him and hindsight, knowing what we all know now it's both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It's actually the most poignant part of the series and left me sympathetic. Regardless of the current popular opinion on Kanye 2022, we can all relate to him during these chronicled early days and to me makes him seem more personable but I believe that's the point. 

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