Weekend TV Recap

So much has happened over the weekend to chat about so let's start with the fight. I grew up watching boxing. My father was a boxer and he would take me with him to the gym so I totally get boxing as a sport but I prefer brawling instead of boxing and Mayweather is a boxer. Brawler he is not! The reason Mike Tyson was so entertaining during his matches was the anticipation of actually seeing a brawl and a knock out. The average person doesn't watch boxing to appreciate the technique of the boxer therefore Mayweather fights are a bit lack luster. Still I like getting together with good company. That's always the added bonus.

GOT is over and I feel cheated that I have to wait another year and a half to see the rest! Last episode was a true cliff hanger with them finally revealing that Jon is the true rightful ruler but now he's slept with his aunt. How are they going to work that little conundrum out? "Oh.. so you're my auntie??? That sucks!" Then they set us up with that question he asked Dany about her not being able to have kids in addition to tying that into Tyrion's chat about a successor I'm putting 2 and 2 together with a guess that she's going to be pregnant during the final season after she finds out she's slept with her nephew. Also will she want to kill him them knowing that she will never be the rightful ruler or will they just throw caution to the wind, marry and reign together on their two dragons?

I know that I say it every time I speak about GOT but I love Arya. She's the family HITTER!!!! She just casually waited for Sansa to give the word and slit Littlefinger's throat in front of the entire room with no care in the world and then dipped back over to the side. I'm sure she's going to take his face after they've all left. LOL  Also she cleared the air with her sister about wanting to be the "lady of Winterfell" letting her know that playing dress up and having power is not her thing because she already has power knowing she can skillfully kill the whole damn village if she wanted to.
Was I the only one who was unaware of the Hound's sibling relationship with Sir Gregor??? I honestly thought that Sir Gregor was a monster that was half dead until my daughter told me the back story regarding them. Side note: the Hound was a bit proud when Brienne of Tarth told him that little Arya was alive and slaying shit. I'm looking forward to their reunion. Also speaking of Brienne, Cersi was definitely peeping "the friendliness" she had with her lover/brother Jaime. Nothing gets past the queen and I personally don't think that Tyrion will be the one to kill Cersi. I totally think it's going to be Jaime as the prophecy only said it would be a brother. What good is having power and being able to see things if Bran isn't really utilizing that power to the fullest? My final comments on the finale is that I hope Jamie makes it to meet back up with Tyrion. He loves his brother and I feel sorry for Tyrion for having to choose between his family whom he clearly loves and everything else. At least the 2 of them will be together for a short while potentially. Also was Tyrion a little hurt when he saw Jon enter Dany's room??? I didn't understand that one. He knew they would get together so I'm not understanding how that just threw a wrench in his plans and from the look on his face he definitely felt a ways about them hooking up.

Insecure- Love Issa and I did love Molly but now that Molly's sleeping with the married neighbor I'm not
feeling her. I love "boss" Molly and I'm totally not feeling I'm thirsty to be loved and will take anything Molly. In addition, I'm not feeling Issa's need to want to sleep with randoms just for the sake of sleeping with randoms either. Daniel really likes her and she's shading him yet again. One of the most significant lessons we all learn or should learn in life is to like those who like you and Daniel likes Issa. She will never be happy trying to chase down insignificant people or trying to force a narrative which clearly isn't authentic and too many people make those mistakes in real life. I hope they don't push these girls to be that type because the show will become whack and not entertaining because it's just reinforcing a misguided approach to finding love. But back to the humor in last nights episode... I love the nut in the eye scene. It was funny and I chuckled but still I was a bit disappointed in how they're steering the characters. Hope it changes up soon and it stops being so cliche.

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